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President Elect Donald Trump wants to repel Obamacare. What he is going to replace it with is anyone’s guess. Single payer health insurance? And I am sure the insurance companies who are struggling with trying to squeeze a profit out of low income insurance holders with government subsidies will have a say in what is happening.

How The Trump Administration Hopes To Change Obamacare

In 2010, the Affordable Care Act was signed into law. Also referred to as Obamacare, this healthcare plan has been plagued by problems since day 1. Newly elected President Donald Trump has vowed to overhaul this Act. Below is an overview of how he intends to accomplish that goal.

Trumpcare Will Replace Obamacare

One of the first things the Trump Administration has in store for the American public, is having the Affordable Care Act repealed. It is the opinion of the new Administration that no American should be forced to purchase a healthcare plan.

Give More Information To The Public

The healthcare system must be made to fully disclose information necessary for American consumers to shop for the best price for medical services. This would extend to doctors, hospitals and medical clinics in the United States.

Trumpcare Will Allow Consumers More Drug Options

Allowing consumers to shop for and purchase drugs from reliable, cheaper markets should be one of the first changes made to the existing healthcare system. This would include safe overseas market, which would save Americans a great deal of money over time.

Allow Tax Deductions

The Trump Administration feels that all Americans should be able to deduct healthcare premiums from their tax returns each year. At this point, only businesses are allowed to do this.

Enforce Immigration Laws

Failure to enforce the immigration laws currently in place is costly the United States millions every year in healthcare costs. By limiting the issuance of visas to the United States and reducing the numbers of illegal immigrants that are allowed to stay in the country, we could slash those costs.

Trumpcare Will Change Permissions For Insurance Companies

Under the current Administration, healthcare companies are not permitted to sell beyond state lines. Changing this would allow consumers to shop for the best healthcare policy based on their needs and price. It would make the market more competitive and give consumers a choice that can save them money.

These are just a few changes to the American healthcare system that the Trump Administration hopes to accomplish. Of course, this type of change must be considered by Congress before anything can move forward.


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How The Trump Administration Hopes To Change Obamacare