Can’t Find Health Care In TrumpCare Or RyanCare? Probably Because It’s Only TrynaCare

March 2017 started with House Republicans using secret rooms in the Capitol to hide rough drafts of bills to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. No [...]

‘Trumpcare’ could kill an extra 50,000 people a year

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Paul Ryan's Trumpcare Firewall Is Cracking On Medicaid Fault

More Republican members of Congress are reconsidering support of the GOP House legislation pushed by House Speaker Paul Ryan to repeal and replace the [...]

Trumpcare Is in Trouble After 3 Republicans Voted Against the Bill

Olivier Douliery/CNP/ZUMAA group of House Republicans delivered conservatives' first official rebuke of President Donald Trump's health care bill Thursday [...]

Trumpcare a bullhorn that blares its scorn for the poor


On the Blabbermouth Podcast: Trumpcare, Trump Taxes, and the Free Speech Fight at Middlebury

Episode 92 looks at why Trump's healthcare "repeal and replace" effort is such a disaster. [...]

Trumpcare, a bullhorn touting its scorn for the poor


Trumpcare Raids Medicare To Enrich The Wealthy And Plant A Bomb

Trumpcare is Robin Hood in reverse. It robs from the elderly, people with disabilities, and poor children to give massive tax giveaways to millionaires and [...]

Trumpcare’s quieter cuts gut food, virus safety, groups warn

Consumers groups are warning of “tragic” consequences from a lesser-known part of the House GOP campaign to roll back Obamacare — whacking $9 billion [...]

Wednesday, March 15, 2017: Trump diminishes America, indigenous Americans maligned, reject Trumpcare

Trump diminishes America I voted for Donald Trump because I wanted change and I didn’t feel that Hillary Clinton would deliver on that desire. So I voted for [...]