Opinion: TrumpCare Needs a New Doctor

Before Tom Price was Donald Trump’s Health and Human Services secretary, he was a conservative member of Congress. Before that, he was a mustachioed [...]

Op-Ed | Steven Rattner: Trumpcare: Fiction and Fact

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Some defiant Republicans continue to fight Trumpcare

WASHINGTON – Facing mounting rank-and-file defiance, Republican leaders and the White House redoubled their efforts Tuesday to muscle legislation overhauling [...]

Republicans scramble to shore up support for ‘Trumpcare’

WASHINGTON—A simmering rebellion of conservative populists loyal to President Donald Trump is further endangering the Republican health-care push, with a [...]

Republican voters the biggest losers under Trumpcare health bill

Washington: To get to the White House, Donald Trump bulldozed conventional wisdom on how to win an American election, so maybe he can twist enough arms for [...]

‘Be respectful!’: Angry GOP senator snaps at CNN reporter asking about Trumpcare

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The cost of Trumpcare is unplanned births, and government…

BY JOEL CONNELLY, SEATTLEPI.COM Updated 4:21 pm, Tuesday, March 14, 2017 [...]

Trumpcare backers try to soothe skeptics

1 Trying to sell Trumpcare Vice-president Mike Pence and health and human services secretary Tom Price headed to the Capitol on Tuesday after the [...]

Op-Ed: CBO report on Trumpcare confirms it—You can't fix stupid

This screaming headline "24 million Americans will lose their health coverage" is topping almost every story on the Republican Obamacare [...]

TrumpCare Breaks Trump’s Promise

The plan would leave 14 million more without coverage than would have it under Obamacare. The president said he'd give "insurance for everyone."Just before [...]