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Viewpoints: The Move To ‘Trumpcare’; GOP’s Threat To Medicare; Opioid Epidemic’s Hidden Threat

A selection of opinions on health care from news outlets around the country. Huffington [...]

Republicans Can’t Kill Obamacare, So They’re Turning It Into Trumpcare

Republicans haven’t figured out how to kill the Affordable Care Act. But they are transforming it into a weaker, less efficient and more [...]

Most Frequently Used Hashtag by Congress: #Trumpcare

Members of Congress used the hashtag #Trumpcare most in 2017, according to a social media analysis by Quorum. The analysis looked at hashtags the lawmakers [...]

#Trumpcare was lawmakers’ most popular hashtag in 2017

#Trumpcare was the most used hashtag by members of Congress in 2017, according to a new study.Other top hashtags used by lawmakers on Twitter and Facebook [...]

Hey, Senate Republicans, if you pass this tax bill you’ll have to take on Trumpcare again

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) two weeks ago: "You can make an argument that Obamacare is falling of its own weight—until we repeal the individual [...]

How to Defeat the GOP Tax Bill: Applying Lessons From the Trumpcare Fight

Protesters walk together to the office of Sen. Marco Rubio to urge him and others in the US Senate to vote against the $1.5 trillion tax cut on November 27, [...]

The radical Trumpcare scam hidden in the Senate tax reform bill


Kimmel promotes ObamaCare as ’TrumpCare’ to get conservatives’ support

Late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel tried rebranding ObamaCare as TrumpCare on his show this week to see how President Trump's supporters and other conservative [...]

“Trumpcare Kills” Projected on SF Federal Building

From the Open-Publishing CalendarFrom the Open-Publishing NewswireIndybay FeatureRelated Categories: San Francisco | Health, Housing, and Public Services To [...]

Jimmy Kimmel Heaps Praise on ‘Trumpcare’ – Which Is…